Delaware Riverkeeper
Mother Said Never Play With Fire

What price are you willing to pay to secure
our energy future?

The natural gas industry has been extracting gas using horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing (FRACKING) across America for a few short years, but it is already leaving a wake of human illness, broken communities and devastated livelihoods.

Now the industry wants to bring fracking to our region, on a scale that will industrialize the landscape as it wreaks similar results. Chemicals — many that are toxic at amounts too small to measure — vent into the air, spill onto the ground and leach into the groundwater, promising to bring an unprecedented level of far-reaching environmental devastation and threatening the very drinking water upon which all life depends, including over 15 million people here in the Delaware River Watershed.

More than ever, the time to turn to clean, renewable energy that sustains life instead of threatening it is today.

Learn more about the gas drilling process and its ramifications for communities.

Keep extreme fossil fuel extraction out of our region. This is what you can do now:


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